Elon Musk reveals he sleeps next to a revolver and loads of Diet Coke

Musk also apologised for his lack of coasters

Elon Musk has revealed what he keeps on his bedside table – a revolver and loads of Diet Coke.

Twitter‘s new CEO posted a photo of his bedside table on the platform at almost 2am local Pacific time, with two guns sitting on it, one that appears to be a film prop, and a 19th century pistol sitting in a display case with a painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware, on it. Next to it is four gold opened cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke.

Acknowledging the faint rings on the table left by the Coke cans, he apologised in a further tweet for the lack of coasters, for which he said there was “no excuse”.


The post was met with ridicule by many of Twitter’s users, some of whom shared photos of their own bedside tables, or parodies of Musk’s photo with different (often ruder) items in the place of the guns. Others responded with a photo of a tweet from Donald Trump in 2012 in which he remarked, “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.”


According to The Independent, Musk appears to be staying in San Francisco as he attempts to revamp Twitter into ‘Twitter 2.0’. Last week, he confirmed yet more changes to the platform’s verification system, where verified individuals would continue to have blue ticks while government accounts and company accounts would be given grey and gold ticks respectively.

Previously, he planned to make users pay $7.99 (£6.61) a month for a Twitter Blue description that would give their account a blue tick, but this was scrapped after triggering a flood of impostor accounts. 

Musk also recently shared slides from a recent company talk that claimed that user sign-ups were at an all-time high and that “hate speech impressions” were declining. However, when he first took over the platform, it was reported that hate speech soared in the aftermath of the news, with a 500-fold increase in uses of the N-word.

After Jordan Peterson criticised the slides on Twitter, Musk replied that he “sees a path to Twitter exceeding a billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months.”

Musk has also been vocal about his belief in promoting free speech on Twitter. Earlier today (November 28), he called out Apple for ceasing advertising on the platform, asking: “Do they hate free speech in America?”

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