Elton John to get a street named after him?

The Rocket Man to hit the map in his old neighbourhood

Elton John could be on verge of getting a street named after him.

The rocket man is from Pinner and the local council are considering honouring him with his own road.

According to Harrow Council‘s publication Harrow People, they are “considering plans to name a road after its most famous musical son”.


The local publication also reveals that John allowed a rapper from his local area to sample him, an honour previously reserved for hip-hop’s heavyweights.

Ironik, who play’s the borough’s Under One Sky event at Kodak Recreation Ground, Harrow View on June 28, scored a hit sampling ‘Tiny Dancer’.

“We approached Elton and management after we worked on it and they loved the idea and cleared the sample, which is one of only three samples in the hip-hop scene to be cleared,” he told Harrow People. “The other two were for Tupac (Shakur) and Kanye West.”

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