Watch Elton John surprise commuters with impromptu performance at London rail station

Singer releases new album 'Wonderful Crazy Night' today

Elton John made a surprise appearance at London’s St Pancras station on Thursday (February 4), delivering an impromptu performance for commuters and passers-by.

John releases new album ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ today (February 5). As a way of promoting the LP, he appeared at the central London rail station during rush hour to perform a piano-led rendition of his classic track ‘Tiny Dancer’.

Onlooker Ruth Swailes told The Guardian: “A colleague and I were just walking through the station and there was a bit of a crowd, then everyone started clapping and cheering. Elton sat down and started playing ‘Tiny Dancer’.

“He didn’t sing, played for about five minutes, then got up and walked away, all very low key,” she added.

Following his performance, John signed the piano with the message: “Enjoy this piano. It’s a gift. Love, Elton John.” He has since confirmed that he donated the piano to the station.

John later wrote on Instagram: “Surprise!! I popped into St Pancras International to christen the Yamaha piano which I donated to the station. Now everyone can have a play.”

Watch footage from the incident below.

Elton John recently said that he is working on “killer” new music with Lady Gaga. Gaga is godmother to Elton John’s children and is also believed to be releasing her new studio album at some point in 2016.