Elton John apologises for comparing stewards to Hitler during Gloucester gig – watch

The singer later invited one member of staff up on stage for a hug

Elton John stopped his concert at Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester on Sunday (June 7) to complain about the security stewards manning the crowd.

The stewards were reportedly stopping the crowd from putting their arms in the air.

“Lighten up you lot, it’s not fucking China so piss off!” Elton said. “You get a fucking uniform on and you think you’re Hitler … we’re not having it, piss off!”

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Following the outburst, the musician reconsidered his words and uttered a lengthy apology to the staff. He said: “I do apologise, whoever told the stewards to be restricting that, that’s their fucking fault and not hers. So I apologise to her and I would be willing to apologise to her face. So if she comes up now I’ll give her a big hug, come on. You’re doing your job. But it’s so frustrating, if people want to wave their hands don’t tell them to stop. It’s a musical event.”

Watch a video of Elton’s apology below.

Elton John recently urged a US Senate panel to help eradicate Aids by funding a global programme to fight the disease.

The singer, who founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992, attended a hearing with the legislative body, where he said that US support could help bring about the end of the disease in his lifetime.

“The Aids epidemic is not over, and America’s continued leadership is critical,” he told the Senate appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations. “You have the power to maintain America’s historic commitment to leading the global campaign against this disease. I’m here today to ask you to use that power.”

Elton John is expected to appear on the new Chic album alongside Janelle Monáe. The album is due for release later this year.