Elton John’s heart-shaped glasses found after being stolen from Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

The glasses, valued at more than £1,200, were recovered by police in Southaven, Mississippi

Heart-shaped glasses formerly belonging to Elton John have been found after they were stolen from a museum in Memphis recently.

As Billboard reports, the iconic spectacles were stolen from the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum on April 21, having been removed from a display case during opening hours.

Police used finger prints to identify a suspect as 26 year old Matthew Colvin, stating that they called the individual on Monday (April 27) and he gave them directions to the missing item. The glasses were later found by police in Southaven, Mississippi. An arrest warrant for theft has been issued for Colvin.

The glasses will go back on display Wednesday (April 29). They are valued at more than £1,200 ($2,000).

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Elton John will feature on the new Chic album, along with Janelle Monáe. Nile Rodgers and co’s first album in 23 years is expected to be released this summer.

Elton John is also due to be the subject of a new biopic, with actor Tom Hardy cast in the role of John. Rocketman is being made by the singer’s film company Rocket Pictures. It has been billed as “a larger-than-life movie musical spectacle that tells the story of a child prodigy turned music legend”. The singer will serve as an executive producer on the biopic and is planning to “re-record many of his iconic hits to parallel the emotional beats of the film”.

Hardy recently admitted to struggling with the singing demands of the role, saying: “I’m not a singer… I’m really trying because of Rocketman but it’s hard to open my mouth in that way.”