Elton John leaks details of Apple’s new ‘Skype iPad’?

Technophobe singer reckons device will emerge in April

Elton John appears to be the unlikely leak behind details of Apple‘s iPad 2.

The year’s most anticipated – and secretive – tech launch has apparently been outed by the man so technophobic he once said we should “turn off the internet”.

However, it seems that his late-blooming fatherhood has softened his stance so much that he now has access to Apple‘s most closely-guarded corporate secrets.

In two separate interviews with the Telegraph and the BBC, he apparently leaked the product’s capabilities and release plan. He told the newspaper: “[Apple are] coming out with a Skype iPad in April and I’ve got to get one because I want to see my son [Zacharay] when I’m not there.”

However, it may be that the ‘Candle In The Wind’ star has simply been spending too much time on techie gossip sites. Bloggers have been widely predicting that the next generation of the iPad will indeed contain a front-facing camera to enable video conferencing, as well as an HD screen.

Neither would be a surprise since they are both features of Apple‘s latest smartphone the iPhone 4, meaning they would be the logical next step for its tablet cousin.

Apple have traditionally unveiled their latest product ranges in springtime.