It will involve lots of comedy rock star behaviour, based on many of the star's famous pals...

ELTON JOHN is developing a television show which he describes as an “upmarket ‘SPINAL TAP'”.

The comedy, made for ABC network, is based around an ageing rock star according to Variety.

“It’s not about me, but about everybody we’ve encountered over the past 30 years,” Sir Elton explained.

“We’ve met every star and seen every misbehaviour. And it’s about the people around the star, who have to put up with them.”

Manager Bob Halley suggested the concept to Elton three years ago. Artists such as [/a], [a] and Freddie Mercury are amongst stars that characters in the show are based on.

Michael Edelstein, also involved in the project, said: “Elton’s been very public about the craziness of his life,” Mr Edelstein said.

“There’s nothing like the world of rock’n’roll. He’s got a hairdresser, valet and two straight SWAT bodyguards on staff. They’ve assembled their own wacky family.”

Elton’s witty, relevant and has always been on the cutting edge in both his personal life and musically,” he added.

Elton has already penned a song for the show titled ‘Him And Us’ set to appear on his forthcoming album ‘Peachtree Road’. The album is released next week (November 8, 9 in USA).