The superstar says Tony Blair and his Labour cohorts should be doing more to fight the disease...

ELTON JOHN has slammed the British Government, claiming they should be “ashamed of themselves” over their record on AIDS prevention.

John, who voted Labour and has spoken in support of the party in the past, claimed their record is “not as good as it was under the Thatcher government”, and that they should do more to fight AIDS.

He told Sky news: “(The government) should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I hate to say that, because I did vote for them, but I’m disgusted with the way the health service in England is operating.

“We (in Britain) had a great record on AIDS when we started but that record is now not as good as it was under the Thatcher government. You should be ashamed of yourselves – you’re socialists or supposed to be. For God’s sake, we live in the 21st century – the trains don’t work, the health service doesn’t work, people are dying from AIDS, what are you doing? Get your act together, it’s a disgrace.”

John has founded his own AIDS foundation which helps raise funds and awareness on treatment and prevention.

However, a spokesman for the Department of Health defended the government’s track record. He told Reuters: “All HIV work is now within mainstream NHS spending. It is not separated out as it used to be. You cannot say spending has fallen, it is not worked out like that.”