More evidence of the star's lavish lifestyle emerges at London's High Court...

SIR ELTON JOHN has spoken more about his lavish lifestyle while giving evidence in the ongoing multi-million pound legal wrangle with his former accountants, PRICE WATERHOUSE COOPERS, and the former managing director of his management company, ANDREW HAYDON of JOHN REID ENTERPRISES.

Sir Elton, 53, who is claiming negligence in the running of his affairs, was speaking after the High Court in London heard that advisers tried to restrict his spending to £200,000 a quarter. He said: “It was my money and I was going to spend it how I wanted.

“There was so much money coming in. I have no dependants. I am not a nest egg person.” Sir Elton maintained that he took his advisers advice “some of the time”, but told the court “If I was prepared to work non-stop and make money I was going to have the benefits of it.” He continued: “It’s a matter of personal choice, how they wanted me to live my life and how I wanted to live my life.”


On the first day of the trial, Sir Elton admitted that he spent up to £2 million a month and went “spending mad” after signing a £40 million record deal with Polygram in 1996. Between then and September 1997, he spent £30 million. Detailing his spending, he conceded that he splashed £9.6 million on property and £293,000 at florists.

The pop superstar also spoke of the drug addiction which made him “very irrational and unmanageable” and “a bit of a nightmare”.

He is claiming that Andrew Haydon allowed JREL to charge him overseas tour expenses of up to £20 million he should not have paid.

He had earlier reached a £3.4 million settlement with his ex-manager of 25 years, and former partner, John Reid.

The High Court hearing is expected to last eight weeks.

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