'American Triangle' commemorates the memory of Matthew Shepard...

ELTON JOHN has written a song to commemorate the memory of murdered American gay student MATTHEW SHEPARD.

John has written the track, ‘American Triangle’ inspired by 21-year-old Shepard, who was beaten to death by two homophobic men following a visit to a Wyoming bar in 1998.

According to a report in this morning’s Sun tabloid, the track is said to feature the lyrics “I’ve been drinking there on that front porch/Angry kids mean and dumb/Looks like pain in that blue skyline/God hates fags where we come from”.


The last line of the lyric could be a reference to homophobic US website godhatesfags.com, run by the Westboro Baptist Church, who preach that “homosexual sex is an abominable sin”.

The site also carries a “memorial” section to Matthew Shepard, who they claim “is in hell” if he did not repent his sins before his death. The site also features a cartoon of the dead man burning in hell and a photograph of people picketing Shepard’s funeral.

A spokesperson for John told NME.COM that the track was complete, although it was too early to tell if the track would be released as a single.

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