Elton John and Phoebe Bridgers praise Billie Eilish: “She’s a genius”

The two artists also discussed Eilish's recent documentary 'Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry'

Elton John and Phoebe Bridgers have spoken of their admiration of Billie Eilish during a new interview, with Bridgers proclaiming Eilish to be “a genius”.

John and Bridgers were speaking during the latest episode of the former’s Apple Music show Elton John’s Rocket Hour, which will air in full tomorrow (March 13) at 5pm GMT on the streaming service.

Bridgers was asked by John about being nominated at this weekend’s Grammy Awards, where both she and Eilish are nominated in four categories each.


“I feel great. I’m obsessed with Billie. I think she’s a genius,” Bridgers told John during their interview about Eilish. “I think whatever she’s doing behind the scenes, industry-wise, just the fact that her team trusted her completely and was just like: ‘You know what we should do is listen to this 15-year-old, because we don’t know what’s cool.'”

John then spoke about Eilish’s recent documentary Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry, calling it “fantastic” and “just wonderful”.

“We watched the Britney Spears documentary [Framing Britney Spears], which is so upsetting,” John said. “And then we watched the Billie Eilish documentary and it’s like: one is how not to be a parent, and one is how to be a parent, and a brother and a sibling. That [is how] Finneas is to her. And it’s a great documentation of everything she did from the age of 15.”

Bridgers also spoke about how Eilish’s dad Patrick is seen wearing her tour merch during the documentary, saying that his endorsement “makes me so happy”.

“He has the coolest ones too,” she said. “I made this fake Insane Clown Posse shirt that he has. It just lit me up with joy. Yeah, Patrick’s awesome.”


In another interview earlier this week, Bridgers spoke about her decision to smash a guitar during her performance on Saturday Night Live last month.