Elton John can’t say ‘preposterousness’ as he records the audio version of his memoirs

"Even I don’t always get it right first time!"

Elton John has shared an outtake of recording sessions for the audiobook of his memoirs, in which he struggles with a particular part of the text.

In the video, which John shared on Twitter to mark the release of the paperback edition of his book Me, the singer repeatedly slurs the word ‘preposterousness’ before joking with his producer.

“The paperback edition of ‘Me’ is available tomorrow including a brand new chapter, which I recorded for the audiobook,” John tweeted yesterday (October 12).


“I’d love to say I read it all in one take, but even I don’t always get it right first time!”

The ‘Rocket Man’ singer’s autobiography was announced in March, and first released in hardback the following October.

Among many revelations contained in the book, John revealed that he once tried to give Bob Dylan a makeover after mistaking him for his gardener.

Writing about one of his infamous 1980s parties, John recalled: “a scruffy-looking guy I didn’t recognise wandered into the lit-up garden. Who the hell was he? Must be one of the staff, a gardener. I loudly demanded to know what the gardener was doing helping himself to a drink.

“There was a moment’s shocked silence, broken by my PA saying, ‘Elton, that’s not the gardener. It’s Bob Dylan.’”


Elsewhere in Methe star revealed how he “hijacked” a Rolling Stones gig in the 1980s while high on cocaine. Shining light on his more-recent years, he also spoke of undergoing treatment for prostate cancer in 2017.

At the NME Awards 2020 in February, the release was crowned ‘Best Book’, triumphing over Brett Anderson’s Afternoons With The Blinds Drawn, Debbie Harry’s Face It: A Memoir, the Prince book The Beautiful Ones and Tegan & Sara’s High School.

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