Elton John speaks out on Irish abortion referendum

The singer said young people are 'the future' of the country

Elton John has spoken out about the Irish abortion referendum after the country voted to legalise abortion.

Saoirse Ronan and Niall Horan were among Ireland’s biggest stars who voiced their support for Ireland to repeal the Eighth Amendment, with Horan writing: “Cmon Ireland ! This is your day to make another great decision. Please do right by the great women of our nation.”

Now, Elton John has spoken of the outcome during a visit to Ukraine to raise awareness about AIDS.


“Believe me, I love this country. We will do everything we can to continue the fight against AIDS,” he said at an event organised by the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, according to The Independent.

“It takes a long time for things to happen as I said,” he said. “Look what just happened in Ireland: the vote for abortion. Things change. People … they change their mind. And with a younger generation coming up, they are different kind of people, and they’re our future.”

Meanwhile, the Elton John movie Rocketman, starring Eddie The Eagle actor Taron Egerton, has finally been given a release date.

Originally announced back in 2011, the film is scripted by Billy Elliot author Lee Hall. It was billed as a “larger than life movie musical spectacle that tells the story of a child prodigy turned music legend”.

According to Paramount Pictures, it will be released in cinemas on May 17, 2019.