Elton John “shaken” after his private jet is forced to make an emergency landing

Sources say the plane was en route to New York from the UK when it experienced a hydraulic failure at 10,000ft

Elton John has reportedly been left “shaken” after his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing.

Sources say the jet was flying over southern Ireland at 10,000ft, on its way from the UK to New York for a show at Madison Square Garden, when it was forced to land.

According to The Sun, the plane took off around 10am UK time yesterday (February 22), but suffered hydraulic issues an hour into its journey and was forced to turn back, eventually landing at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire.


An eyewitness commented: “The jet was being buffeted and couldn’t land. It was horrible to see. The terrible weather and epic gusts made it almost impossible to land. Two attempts to touch down failed.”

The source added: “The aircraft’s nose was far too vertical. The plane was descending and was halfway along the runway when it gave up trying to hit the tarmac. It soared back in the air.

“A crowd had gathered after word went around that Elton was in difficulty. And as the plane came around again for a second attempt to land, the storm was doing its worst. It was a horrible thing to see, and you wouldn’t have swapped places with Elton on that small plane for anything. I bet he said a few prayers of thanks.”

Another source told The Sun that Elton was “shaken” but made it to New York and played the show as planned last night.

John resumed his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour in New Orleans last month after multiple delays. The legendary singer was due to play a run of rescheduled UK headline dates between October and December 2021, but he was forced to postpone the shows to 2023 after sustaining a hip injury during an “awkward” fall.


Speaking to NME as part of a Big Read cover interview in October, Elton John said he was determined to finish the tour, but confirmed that it will also certainly be his last.

“It’s something I wanna finish,” he told NME. “I’m looking forward to doing it and going out on the high that we were on – we were an express train that hit the buffers. At the moment I finish supposedly in 2023, in the summer, by which time I’ll be 76 – and that’s it, baby.”

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