Elton John on Brexit: “I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot”

"I am sick to death of Brexit"

Elton John has slammed the UK’s ongoing Brexit crisis, saying that he is “ashamed” of his country for its handling of the negotiations.

Whilst performing in Verona on Wednesday (May 29) on his last ever world tour, ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’, John said: “I’m ashamed of my country for what it has done. It’s torn people apart.

“I’m sick to death of politicians, especially British politicians. I am sick to death of Brexit. I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist, English idiot.”

It’s not the first time John has spoken out over Brexit. Last year, as reported in The Guardian, John said: “I don’t think people in Britain were told the truth to start with… They were promised something that was completely ridiculous and wasn’t economically viable.”

He went on: “[Brexit was like] walking through Hampton Court maze blindfolded, being turned around 16 times and trying to find your way out.”

Elsewhere, John revealed that he found watching Rocketman “difficult” as the biopic delves into the darker moments of his life.

The film follows John (played by Taron Egerton) on his journey to becoming a world-renowned pop star. With the legendary musician struggling with addiction, mental illness, and his sexuality in his younger years, we see some of these past issues play out on screen.

Speaking of the importance of the film’s realistic depiction, John said: “This is how my life was, and I didn’t want to cover it and gloss it over.

“And it’s difficult to watch because I thought, ‘God, I don’t want to go back there. Thank God I came out of it’.”

John also recently praised Egerton’s singing in the film, explaining that his work “blew his mind” when he heard the results.