Elton John’s ex-wife Renate Blauel is suing the singer over relationship details in his autobiography

The couple divorced 32 years ago

Elton John‘s ex-wife Renate Blauel is seeking £3 million in compensation after he mentioned her in several sections in his autobiography ‘Me’.

According to legal documents filed at London’s high court this week, comments made in the book broke the terms of an agreement made when they divorced 32 years ago, reports The Independent.

The documents state that John allegedly agreed to remove certain passages before publication of the book, but Blauel, a German-born sound engineer, claims that they triggered existing mental health problems.


Blauel married Elton in Australia in 1984, but they split in 1988, around the same time the singer came out as gay.

Renate Blauel and Elton John Credit: Getty

Describing the pain of their split, he wrote in his autobiography: “I’d broken the heart of someone I loved and who loved me unconditionally, someone I couldn’t fault in any way. Despite all the pain, there was no acrimony involved at all.

“For years afterwards, whenever something happened to me, the press would turn up on her doorstep, looking for her to dish the dirt, and she never, ever has”.

He also wrote about having very limited contact with Blauel following their separation, but had invited her to meet his children because he “wanted her to be part of our lives, and us part of hers, in some way”.

“But she didn’t want to,” he said. “And I didn’t push the issue. I have to respect how she feels.”


Elton is yet to respond to the latest legal action.

Blauel had initially filed an injunction against the singer but that has now resulted in a civil case.