He's not renowned for being the most side-splitting man alive, so this should be interesting...

ELVIS COSTELLO is to team up with friend and producer T-BONE BURNETT to help write the script for a new comedy drama series for US television.

According to a report on the US website, [url=], Costello is working with Burnett to create the series for the WB Network in the US. The pilot will be based around four former models who become musicians, and the situations they get in while chasing their new career.

Speaking about the project, Costello told [url=] “It’s all about some beautiful girls who play rock’n’roll songs and have a ball spending someone else’s money. They go into outer space, they rescue people from dastardly dictators and they play songs…they’ll try to stay one step ahead of the usual record company pressure, using their skills, their wits and their charm. Even though the girls lead this fabulous life, we want certain elements of the show to be believable.”

Costello is said to be considering writing a selection of new songs to accompany the series. If the pilot is successful, the show is expected to be aired in the autumn of 2001.

Costello and Burnett have been friends for a number of years. As well as a musician in his own right, Burnett also produced a number of Costello’s solo albums throughout the mid ’80s and early ’90s.