Yep, that's right, it's up for sale via an Internet auction...

Elvis Presley‘s tooth is going up for sale on the Internet as part of a collection that includes a lock of the King’s hair and a gold-plated copy of the hit single ‘LOVE ME TENDER’.

The minimum bid for the group of items will start at $100,000 (£60,000). A spokesman for the collection, Anthony DeFontes, said that the tooth was originally kept by Elvis Presley‘ ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson.

The molar was then given to the Elvis Presley museum before it was auctioned off to a private collector.

The lock of hair was allegedly cut off when Elvis Presley joined the US Army, according to DeFontes, and was given to the talk show host Joe Franklin as a present from the singer.

Since 1992, the items have been displayed in a hair salon called the Yellow Strawberry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. DeFontes told BBC News that the owner was selling because of the cost of insurance and security.