We've argued in the pub till we're blue in the face - and now we've finally got round to casting our votes...

What is the most significant event in rock’n’roll history? Was it Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s defiant appearance on stage with the Wu-Tang Clan while he was on the run, the Napster farrago or Kurt Cobain’s suicide…?

NME.COM has cast its eyes over the annals of popular music and come up with the 100 greatest moments of rock.

From John Lennon declaring The Beatles are bigger than Jesus to the battle of Britpop, and from the release of ‘Rapper’s Delight’ to Bob Dylan going electric, we have assimilated and assessed the key events which have contributed to make rock, pop, hip-hop, dance and soul what they are today.

So what came out on top? Everyone has their own views on it.

To find out if your opinion matched ours, click back on NME.COM tomorrow (Monday, January 15), where there will be a full rundown of the Top 100 most significant moments of rock history.