Elvis Presley’s tooth goes missing while on tour of the UK

"The King's Crown" was accidentally sent to Dundee by FedEx

Elvis Presley‘s dental crown went missing temporarily while on a tour of the UK last week.

“The King’s Crown” was meant to arrive at Bracknell’s Appledore Dental Clinic on Thursday (May 28), but arrived late after being sent to Dundee following a mistake by FedEx, BBC News reports. FedEx has since apologised for the inconvenience.

The tooth was on a tour of the UK with a dozen dentists hosting an ‘Elvis Day’ in May to promote awareness of mouth cancer throughout the months of May and June.

Dr Teresa Day, from the clinic, said: “It was supposed to arrive before 10am with a load of memorabilia, including costumes and a lock of Elvis’ hair, but instead we got a small package containing dentistry equipment meant for a clinic on the Isle of Wight.

“It put a dampener on the days’ events and left us ‘all shook up’ because we weren’t all able to dress up as we’d hoped, and patients coming to the clinic to have their free mouth cancer checks were left disappointed when the crown wasn’t there.”

A FedEx spokeman said: “Once we were informed of this situation we quickly located the correct package in accordance with our normal procedures and made the necessary arrangements to ensure it arrived at the correct destination promptly.

“We are in touch with the customer to ensure that the Elvis Presley dental crown delivery arrives safely and on time at its next destination.”

Presley visited the dentist at 10.30pm on August 15, 1977, the day before he died. Elvis’s Crown was bought in auction in February 2012 for $11,000 by Michael Zuk, Canadian author and dentist and obsessive collector of celebrity teeth.

Elvis’s Crown was bought at auction in February 2012 for $11,000 (£6,500). The buyer, who has sent the crown on tour, is Michael Zuk, a Canadian author, dentist and collector of celebrity teeth.