Elvis Presley’s Memphis crypt withdrawn from auction after fans protest

The King's burial chamber won't be sold following outcry from Presley-obsessives

The original crypt in which Elvis Presley was buried in has been withdrawn from auction after protests from fans, according to reports.

The private crypt in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, which the rock’n’roll icon’s body was kept in for two months before he was finally laid to rest on his Graceland estate, had been set to go under the hammer at Julien’s Auctions this weekend (June 23 – 24).

According to the Washington Post, however, the auction house agreed not to sell the crypt after angry fans demanded that it remained as a shrine to the singer’s memory.

Elvis’s mother was also interred in the mausoleum’s crypt before being buried alongside her son at Graceland after Elvis’s father received permission from the State of Tennessee to bury them both on the private land. It has been empty since mother and son were both removed.

Although the crypt will now remain in Forest Hill Cemetery for the foreseeable future, the popularity of Elvis-related memorabilia shows no sign of abating – in February of this year, a model of the singer’s teeth made by his former dentist was auctioned off.

Forceps, aneurysm hooks and even a toe tag for identifying Presley’s corpse in the morgue were all set to go under the hammer, but were removed when the legitimacy of the collection was brought into question after another employee at the home suggested the equipment was sterilised and used again in other autopsies.

Earlier this month (June 6), meanwhile, the technology company behind Tupac Shakur’s hologram confirmed their plans to resurrect Elvis in a similar manner.