Tupac Shakur hologram makers confirm plans to digitally resurrect Elvis

The King is expected to appear in a digital form on film, television and at gigs

The technology company behind Tupac Shakur’s hologram have confirmed Elvis Presley is to be resurrected in a similar manner.

After engineering the late rapper at this year’s Coachella Festival, Digital Domain Media Group has teamed up with Core Media Group, the company that owns the licence rights to Presley, to digitally resurrect the King of Rock’n’Roll, reports Vanity Fair.

He is expected to appear on film, television and apparently concerts as an option as well.

Digital Domain Media Group Chairman John Textor said:

Elvis is the most iconic, most recognised performer on the planet, and we are thrilled to have been chosen to bring new performances and original shows where fans can have their own, new experiences of Elvis.

As previously reported on NME, the boffins behind the technology were looking at an Elvis and Justin Bieber hologram earlier this year.

Tupac’s hologram addressed the Coachella crowd and also performed ‘2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted’ as a duet with Snoop Dogg during the gigs.

It triggered speculation about whether any number of dead celebrities could be brought back to life, for shows or other events.