And the likes of Justin Timberlake and Isaac Hayes join the party...

Radio stations across the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL yesterday (July 5).

Over 1,250 stations simultaneously played ‘That’s All Right’, the debut single by Elvis Presley, which was recorded at the Sun Studio in Memphis 50 years ago to the day.

The session is widely regarded as the birth of modern music, and Scotty Moore, the guitarist on that track, played the record from the studio at 11am local time yesterday, which was broadcast across the US via satellite, reports the BBC.

Musicians including soul legend Isaac Hayes and pop sensation Justin Timberlake joined an 8,000-strong crowd gathered in Memphis as a mark of respect.

Kicking off a day of live music, Moore said he had no idea what the record would come to signify when recording it:”You gotta be kiddin’. I already had a band and my only ambition was to play music.

Elvis Presley was just fooling around. He was just a white teenager rocking through an old black blues song he heard on the radio.”