Uri Geller loses Elvis house in eBay mix-up

He's "mind-blown angry"

Celebrity spoon-bender Uri Geller is threatening legal action after discovering a house he bought on eBay, formerly owned by Elvis, has been sold to someone else.

Geller made a winning bid of $905,100 (£481,000) for the house in May. However, he has found out the vendors sold the property, where Elvis lived before up-grading to Graceland, to music producer Mike Curb.

“We are absolutely, mind-blown angry. Of course we’re going to sue,” he said.

It is not known how much Curb for the four-bedroomed Memphis House. Elvis bought it in 1956 with the royalties from ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. He only stayed there a year before fan intrusion forced the move. In the short time that he lived there, the King had a granite swimming pool installed in the garden, which at 50 feet long was the largest residential pool in the city at the time.

Ebay are being circumspect about responsibility for the blunder.

“The platform we provide in real estate really serves to generate interest,” said eBay spokeswoman Catherine England. “It isn’t a legally binding contract.”