The legend's 18 Number One singles are to be re-released to mark what would have been his 70th birthday...

Elvis Presley is set to posthumously take over the UK charts next year as all of his previous 18 Number One singles will be re-released over four months to mark his 70th birthday.

The first track, ‘All Shook Up’,will appear on January 3, five days before what would have been The King’s 70th birthday.

But it isn’t eligible for chart entry as it is a

limited edition release. However,

Presley’s second Number One ‘Jailhouse Rock’ will be

released on the same day and Sony BMG are hoping it will head a charge up the charts.

All releases will released as a CD and on 10” vinyl, all packaged with original artwork.

“This will be the first time one artist will

release this number of chart singles consecutively in such a short space of time, potentially having 17 hit singles in four months”, said label Marketing Director Darren Henderson.

“It will make UK singles chart history and is a

phenomenal testament to the staying power of

Elvis Presley.”

The label are hoping to set a world record for the

most consecutive hit singles for any artist in one

year. There is also an added incentive for would-be buyers. Just seven of the 17 eligible tracks have to chart in the Top 20 for Elvis to

overtake Cliff Richard as the artist with the highest number of Top 20 entries in British chart history. Elvis Presley currently has 60

to Cliff’s