A Finnish academic is to release the record in Summerian - but he's having a bit of difficulty with 'Blue Suede Shoes'...

A Finnish academic, who has gained cult status recording the songs of ELVIS PRESLEY in Latin, is set to take his obsession a step further releasing a record translating the work of THE KING into an ancient middle Eastern language, unused for over 4,000 years.

Jukka Ammondt is to release the record, which features amongst others ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ in Summerian, spoken in Mesopotamia in modern southern Iraq between 4000-1800 BC.

However, due to limits of such an ancient tongue Ammondt was unable to directly translate “but lay off my blue suede shoes”. Instead, he his translation works back as “but my sandals of sky-blue, do not touch”.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Mr Ammondt said, “I’ll be wearing a loin cloth and blue sandals”, during the record launch set for the international conference in Assyriology and New Eastern Archaeology in Helsinki.

Ammondt has previously been presented with a medal from The Pope for his Elvis Latin translations.