Mike Stoller tells NME.COM that although the icons both appeal primarily to a young white male audience, he's not so keen on Eminem's approach...

EMINEM‘s career can be comapred to that of ELVIS, MIKE STOLLER, the legendary songwriter partly responsible for the hits that made PRESLEY a legend, has told NME.COM.

However, despite drawing a link between the two Stoller, who was joined by songwriting partner Jerry Leiber in London today ahead of a tribute show at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday night (June 29), was keen to condemn Eminem‘s approach and subject matter.

“There’s a similarity between them in a sense,” he told NME.COM. “Elvis sold primarily to a white audience, but did include everyone. And many rap records, particularly these sexploitation, misogynistic ones, also mostly sell to young whites.”

Asked if he would write something for Eminem to help stop the rot, Stoller smiled and said: “I don’t think he’d come to me.”

Stoller added that the last and only hiphop record he been impressed by was Grandmaster Flash‘s ‘The Message’.

He said: “I heard it first when I was driving and I immediately pulled the car into the side of the road so I could really listen to it. What impressed me about it was that it WAS a message, a real message coming from the inner city, from reality – not exploitation and violence as many similar records became.”

Earlier Jerry Leiber revealed that he and Stoller didn’t initially like Elvis’ version of ‘Hound Dog’ – the track that was to make both him and them household names. “We were disappointed,” he said. “We thought it was too fast, too nervous, that he was too white. But after seven or eight million [sales] it sounds better.”

Leiber and Stoller also penned classics such as ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ‘Love Me Tender’ and ‘Stand By Me’ for Ben E King.