To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the King's 'death', we reveal the ten best sightings of Elvis...

Elvis Presley is alive and well and currently working as a post-gig T-shirt seller in LONDON, according to NME.COM readers.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his ‘death’ (August 16), we asked our readers to send in recent sightings of the King. The best came from Gareth Blackwood in Hartlepool, who said: “I actually spotted Elvis Presley on July 5 this year after the Oasis gig. He was flogging dodgy t-shirts outside Finsbury Park tube station.

His sighting placed Elvis Presley a little further south than Peta from Stockholm who wrote: “The King was sweeping the floor in a bar in Stockholm. He looked very happily [sic] and was humming a song but I don’t know what.”

Alan Heffelfinger, without seeing the man who invented sex, placed him closer to the scene of his later-year triumphs. “Last I heard the King was living under the city of Las Vegas in the drainage tunnels,” he said.

There were numerous sightings of Elvis Presley in chip-shops, mostly in northern England, and a few placing him working as a bus-driver/post-man/truck driver in the US.

Michael Wolley saw him at Glastonbury. However, Elvis Presley was not performing, rather he was “crowd surfing during Elvis Presley‘s set at

Glastonbury, looking like he was having a great time.”

He has also been spotted talking to form Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough, working as a guide at Graceland and attempting to get an autograph from Eminem.

Here are the top 10 recent sightings of [a][/a]:

1. Flogging dodgy t-shirts outside Finsbury Park tube station following the Oasis show there on July 5.

2. Catching an Easyjet flight from Luton to Nice in April. It was delayed but he remained even-tempered.

3. Crowd surfing during BRMC’s set at Glastonbury, “looking like he was having a great time.”

4. Clad head-to-toe in denim drumming for local Bradford band Seven Hours.

5. Buying chipolatas at a market stall on the outskirts of Yemen last summer.

6. Living in the drainage tunnels under Las Vegas

7. Talking to former Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough in west Bridgeford, Nottingham

8. Sweeping the floor of a Stockholm bar. Looking happy. Humming.

9. Working as an Elvis lookalike guide at Graceland.

10. Queuing up for an Eminem autograph in New York.

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