A fan gets his chance on vocals at the Witnness Festival...

EMBRACE singer DANNY McNAMARA stepped aside to allow a fan take lead vocals during an impromptu acoustic set at the WITNNESS FESTIVAL just outside of DUBLIN yesterday (August 6).

McNamara, accompanied onstage by guitarist (and brother) Richard and drummer Mike Heaton, invited the fan onto the stage in the acoustic tent in the VIP area of the festival. Repeated demands had been made from the crowd for Embrace to play ‘Fireworks’. When Danny suggested that the audience member calling the loudest “come up here and sing it”, he took him at his word.

With Danny accompanying on guitar, the version lasted for one verse and chorus before it was brought to a speedy conclusion.


When Danny‘s stand-in left the stage to rapturous applause McNamara joked that people outside would think the atonal vocal was actually him, adding: “Not that far off it.”

Embrace played three tracks aside from ‘Fireworks’. Opening with their regular cover of Bobby Dorough‘s ‘Three Is The Magic Number’, they also played new single (released today – August 7) ‘I Wouldn’t Wanna Happen To You’ and ‘Hooligan’.

Earlier in the day they had played the festival Main Stage after swapping places on the bill with All Saints. A delayed flight returning from the Benecassim Festival in Barcelona where they played on Saturday (August 5) meant the female four-piece had to go on several hours earlier than expected. It was also rumoured that the change of time kept Liam Gallagher away from Witnness. The Oasis star was said to have travelled to Heathrow Airport in a bid to make it over to see Nicole Appleton and friends. However, when he heard their allotted time had been changed and that they weren’t then to stay in Dublin overnight, he changed his mind.

Meanwhile, the All Saints found themselves a new fan in the shape of Paul Weller. The modfather made a point of standing at the side of the stage throughout their set.

Also on site yesterday were R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe and actress Winona Ryder. Both, thought to be guests of Beck, watched the star perform his storming set from the side of the Main Stage.

You can read a full review of yesterday’s shows later today in nme.com‘s reviews section. Video interviews with amongst others Embrace, Leftfield and Doves will be broadcast on nme.com later this week.


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