Embrace write new album in nine days

Full details of the band’s new album revealed…

Embrace have named their new album ’EXPLODING MACHINES’ – an album which was written and recorded in just over a week.

Singer Danny McNamara has revealed that the band anticipated that last year’s record ’Out Of Nothing’ would be their last, but a recording session in Spain yielded enough songs for a full album.

Writing in an online diary , he said: “When we finished our last album I really thought it was going to be our last. We were really proud of what we’d done but ultimately I thought it was too late for us. Bands rarely get a second chance. But this year has been without doubt the best the band have ever had… I said when we finished ‘Out Of Nothing’ that we wouldn’t make a better album. I didn’t know how we were going to be able to do it. After spending three years hunched over an acoustic guitar I couldn’t face a blank page again. I felt like I’d said everything I had to say and that I was just going to be repeating myself if we carried on… Just as we were at our most successful I was seriously considering giving it all up…

”So when Andy our label man said that we should go into Youth’s studio in Spain and start album five I wished I lived on the moon. My personal life had been shall we say turbulent and I couldn’t face it… now I’ve no idea what happened in Spain but basically we wrote most of the album in nine days. And we did it in a completely different way to how we’d ever done it in the past. Always in the past me or Richard have written the songs and then we work on them as a band. But we started the nine-day session with a blank page and finished with 24 songs. With the band writing the music and me singing along at the same time… for the first time in my life I felt like I was born to do this. Like I’d been kicking a medicine ball all this time only for Youth and the band to hand me a football and a wide open goal. In those nine days we started writing as a band and something changed.

”I won’t go on about what it sounds like… it’s too easy for bands to say the newest thing they’ve done is their best… but what I will say is that in nine days we’ve rendered almost all our back catalogue obsolete.. We now think we’ve got the album written… It’s going to be called ‘Exploding Machines’. I’ll tell you why another time.”

The band play their biggest ever UK shows at the end of the year. For full details [url=]go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663.