'Hooligan' is the first taste of second album by northern souls...

EMBRACE return with a new single ‘Hooligan’, released on November 1 through Hut, two years on from their acclaimed debut album ‘The Good Will Out’.

The single, sung by guitarist Richard McNamara, is taken from the band’s as-yet-untitled second album, recorded over the summer in a Gloucestershire mansion studio and due for release in 2000.

‘Hooligan’, which is a departure from the trademark epic Embrace sound and is closer to the laidback style of Beck, was co-produced by Tristin Norwell, who recorded Talvin Singh‘s Mercury Prize-winning ‘OK’ album.


It features a kazoo break in the song and has a passing resemblance to recent work by Gomez and the Beta Band.

Richard McNamara told NME: “It’s the most liberating feeling to realise that you’re breaking new ground for yourself. It’s like you’ve tuned into a frequency that you didn’t even know existed and there’s no rules. Anything goes!”

“‘They’re just a bunch of hooligans’ is something my mum used to say to me when I was a kid and my friends took the piss out of my cheap trainers.”

“So I guess the song’s about peer pressure and realising that happiness comes from focusing on what you have rather than what you don’t have.”

The new single features four new tracks ‘I’ve Been Running’ ‘I Can’t Feel Bad Anymore’ ‘Like A Believer’ ‘With The One Who Got Me Here’ They conform more to your expectations of what an Embrace song should sound like.

Singer Danny McNamara told NME: “The album’s great. It’s like it’s a tap on the shoulder instead of a punch in your face. There’s more funky humanity in there.”


Embrace are now officially a five-piece after studio and live keyboard player Mickey Dale agreed to join full time.