Embrace’s England anthem revealed

Singer's dad convinces band to sign-up for World Cup song

Embrace have spoken for the first time about their England World Cup song.

The song was premiered on Radio 1 this morning (April 21) , and the band have spoken to NME.COM about the track, ‘World At Your Feet’.

With the football world anticipating the track, frontman Danny McNamara admitted he felt the pressure writing such a high profile song.

“We were nervous about getting involved with it,” said McNamara, “but my dad put it best when he said, ‘do you think you’re up to it if you do it? Or, if you don’t do it?’ Collectively we decided we were definitely up for it.”

He added that with New Order setting the benchmark with 1990’s ‘World In Motion’, Embrace decided not to ape the Manchester band.

“When I was a teenager in Leeds I was a big Joy Division fan, so I loved New Order too. ‘World In Motion’ was great, it was a bit subversive in a way,” explained McNamara. “We didn’t try to be subversive – we were looking to produce one of those communal moments that brings everyone together.”

Not obviously football chant friendly, ‘World At Your Feet’ sounds more designed to soundtrack the television montages that will accompany coverage of the summer’s tournament, although chorus is optimistic about England’s chances, boasting the following lyrics:

“With the world at your feet/ There’s no one you can’t beat/ Yes it can be done/ With the world at your feet/ There’s no height you can’t reach/ This could be the one”

However with soccer set to dominate the summer, McNamara added he hoped non fans would find something to in the song as well, explaining: “I wanted to write a song that you could appreciate as having nothing to do with football too.”

‘World At Your Feet’ will be released on June 5. Though can currently be heard via Embrace.co.uk.

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