Organisers of the 'The Experiment', as the show is known, confess they don't know whether their plans are legal...

Organisers of the latest ‘secret’ EMBRACE gig have confessed they don’t know whether what they are planning is legal!

Embrace have become renowned for their ‘secret’ live shows over the last 12 months, with the band advertising the show via their official website, or challenging fans to follow a series of clues to get tickets.

The latest, and eighth ‘secret’ show is being billed as ‘The Experiment’, and will take place following the release of the band’s new single ‘Wonder’ on August 20.


A posting on the band’s website,, claims the latest show will be an “an extreme and surreal affair”.

The posting reads: “The super brains at ‘SG’ headquarters have gone in to overdrive on this one, to the extent that we’re not sure half their ideas are legal never mind ethical!

“Anyway, all you need to know for now is ‘SG#8’ is going to be an extreme and surreal affair unlike anything that we’ve done before.”

Any fans wishing to go to ‘SG#8’ are asked to keep the receipts for the ‘Wonder’ single, which will be needed to qualify for a ticket to the show.

In addition, Embrace are to webcast the seventh in their ‘secret’ shows via their official website tonight.

The show, which will take place in a “leafy and famous” location, will be broadcast live on at 10pm on August 17. Fans wishing to view the webcast must pre-register before 6pm this evening.