A series of 'key codes' hidden across the web leads the way to the treasure...

EMBRACE are to give fans the opportunity to win tickets to every date on their forthcoming UK tour by hiding a ‘Golden Ticket’ for the shows on the Internet.

The band are preparing for the sixth in their ‘secret’ shows, which will take place later in the month. Tickets for the event have been allocated via a series of ‘key codes’ hidden across the Internet, which they have invited fans to locate and submit in return for tickets.

However, one code remains unfound, and the band have announced that in addition to the tickets to the show, the code will allow access to every show on

their UK tour later in the year. Dates for the tour are as-yet-unconfirmed.

For more information on how to win the prize, visit the official Embrace website at www.embrace.co.uk.