Danny McNamara says he will do his talking via the band's official website from now on...

EMBRACE vocalist DANNY McNAMARA has declared he will only communicate his feelings via the band’s official website – rather than through the media.

Embrace have just returned from a promotional visit to Germany, where McNamara has been undertaking a series of interviews to promote the band’s forthcoming third album ‘If You’ve Never Been’, released on September 3 via Hut.

Speaking in his regular diary on the official Embrace website, www.embrace.co.uk, he said his trip away made the singer realise that he doesn’t “feel comfortable” talking about himself in interviews, and as a result will communicate via the Internet from now on.

He wrote: “I’m stuck on a train so not only have I had time to think but time to reflect on a few things…and there are going to be a few changes around here. I’ve just got back from an interview tour of Germany. It was really heart warming because they all raved about the new LP. The gap between completion and release can be a nerve-racking time. All newborn babies are beautiful to their parents but not all newborn babies are beautiful…

“One of the things I realised in Germany is that I don’t feel comfortable talking about my real feelings and motivations in interviews. I’m always worried that what I say is going to be taken out of context or turned into headlines and that shakes me a bit. From now on this is where I’m going to do all my talking. There’s one hell of a story to tell. One that journalists have been trying to get out of me for nearly five years.”

Elsewhere, he predicted next few months for Embrace are set to be “the wildest most surreal most fucking nerve shaking months of this band’s life”.

The band are also planning the sixth in their series of secret shows for later in the month, which will also feature a playback of the new album.

The first single from the album, ‘Wonder’, is released on August 20. For a look at the video for the single, click back to NME.COM later today (July 20).