Frontman Danny McNamara says the collection is a way of putting an end to phase one of the band...

Embrace are to release a singles compilation album in March.

‘Fireworks (Singles 1997 – 2002)’ will be released as an on March 25 via Hut and contain the group’s eleven singles, as well as the ‘The Good Will Out’, only previously available as a limited edition single on vinyl, thought it does appear on the album of the same name.

In addition, the album will contain a recording Bob Dorough’s ‘3 Is A Magic Number’, which

Embrace perform live.

Speaking about the record, mainman Danny McNamara said: “I see the next phase of Embrace as being quite separate and different from what the band has done up until now and this album is us signing-off on the past. There are certain songs that we’ve played live for a long time that that we won’t be playing again after we tour the next album.”

The tracklisting for the record runs: ‘All You Good Good People’

‘You’re Not Alone’

‘Come Back To What You Know’

‘Make It Last’

‘3 Is A Magic Number’

‘One Big Family’

‘My Weakness Is None Of Your Business’

‘I Wouldn’t Wanna Happen To You’

‘Save Me’


‘The Good Will Out’



The accompanying video and DVD release will feature bonus material.

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