The band, who played their first offical live show of 2001 earlier this week, get set to play another obscure venue...

EMBRACE are lining up the sixth of their ‘secret’ gigs, NME.COM can reveal.

Throughout the last 12 months, the band have performed a series of gigs in obscure venues, as either a warm-up for festival appearances or to test new material live.

The last took place 400 feet below the ground in the Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe, with fans getting directions from a message posted on the band’s official website,

Now, NME.COM can reveal a new secret live show is being prepared. This afternoon (July 11) an e-mail was sent to the band’s official e-mail list with a link to a secret area on the band’s website. Fans are invited to submit their details to enter a competition to find out where the show will take place.

The venue and time for the show are being kept closely under wraps, but it is likely the show will take place before their first festival show of the summer at the Witnness Festival in Ireland (August 4-5).

In other news, vocalist Danny McNamara has spoken of the band’s first official live show of 2001, which took place last Monday (July 9) at the Sound Republic in London.

The band took the opportunity to play a selection of material from their forthcoming album ‘If You’ve Never Been’, which is released on September 3 via Hut.

McNamara confessed the band were nervous about playing live at the event.

He said: “The atmosphere was different at the gig from usual. I can’t explain it. It seemed slightly more expectant than normal. The first show back after a while always feels like that a little bit but last night was off the scale. I had to take a Beta-Blocker just to stop my heart from splashing.

“I don’t think we played as well as we will be doing after we’ve played a few more gigs, and I would have liked to have played more new songs but all considered I was happy with the way it went. Though I must admit that it wasn’t until the hairs on the back of my neck went during ‘Wonder’ that I really got into it. I think that it’s the best single we’ve done since ‘Good Good People’, it gets me every fucking time.”

Embrace played: ‘Over’

‘It’s Gonna Take Time’

‘My Weakness Is None Of Your Business’

‘All You Good Good People’

‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’

‘You’re Not Alone’


‘Many Will Learn’


‘Save Me’

‘That’s All Changed Forever’

‘The Good Will Out’

‘Make It Last’

‘New Adam New Eve’


‘Dry Kids’