The band complete two more songs - just before they had a fight, it would seem...

EMBRACE have completed two more songs on their forthcoming album, as tempers in the studio start to become “frayed”.

Speaking in his regular studio diary on the official Embrace website [url=], singer Danny McNamara said two new tracks, ‘Hey, What You Trying To Say?’ and ‘Many Will Learn’ are now almost complete – with the latter retaining a “kind of lost at sea feel” to it.

McNamara previously revealed he wanted Neil Young to play Harmonica on ‘Hey, What You Trying To Say?’ . However, that idea has now been ditched, with the band replacing the instrument altogether because it gave it “an unwelcome ‘Roseanne’ feel”.

He said: “We ended up using melodica in the end as the harmonica that we tried on it give it an unwelcome ‘Roseanne’ feel. While the harmonica player was excellent it just didn’t work in the song…the melodica works really well.”

McNamara continued: “‘Many Will Learn’ has a kind of lost at sea feel to it and is quite close in spirit to ‘Now You’re Nobody’ off the first LP. Richard (McNamara) and Mick (Dale) had their work cut out for them so tempers were a bit frayed as their parts required a lot of patience and replaying to get right. But it always comes together in the end although I always worry that it won’t…Mike (Heaton) says it’s his favourite track so far but he says that about them all. My favourites are still to come.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band have been working on their as-yet-untitled third studio album with Coldplay producer Ken Nelson.

Of the sessions so far, new track ‘Make It Last’ is the most likely candidate to be the first single. The band plan to debut the new material during festival appearances this summer.