Frontman Danny McNamara says everyone in the band is "fucking buzzing"...

EMBRACE have said that new track ‘MAKE IT LAST’ is the most likely candidate to be the first single from their forthcoming album, and recording is going so well they hope release two records by 2002.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the band have been working on their as-yet-untitled third studio album with Coldplay producer Ken Nelson.

Speaking in his regular internet diary on the official Embrace website [url=], singer Danny McNamara said new song ‘Make It Last’ is “everyone’s favourite” to be the next single.

He continued: “Everyone is fucking buzzing. It’s the first time since ‘My Weakness is None Of Your Business’ that a song I’ve written has been considered as a single so I’m really pleased.

“It all came together but didn’t really hit home for me as the big one till we got the vocal. I think it’s the best singing I’ve done on this LP so far. ‘My Weakness…’ has always been one of my favourites but I reckon ‘Make It Last’ is better.”

Elsewhere, McNamara said that the band had “over 100 different seeds for songs at the beginning of the year”, the best of which will form the basis of the band’s fourth record, which they hope to release at the start of 2002.

He commented: “The songs that we’ve picked for the LP fit so well together that certain songs had to be left off. It would be great if we could put out LP 4 early next year. “

The band plan to debut the new material during festival appearances this summer.