A brand new version of 'I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You' is on its way...

EMBRACE release a new single, ‘I WOULDN’T WANNA HAPPEN TO YOU’, on August 7 through HUT.

The song, the fourth from the album ‘Drawn From Memory’, has been re-recorded with album co-producer Tristin Norwell.

Singer Danny McNamara explains: “It’s one of my favourite songs on the new LP but it’s probably the one song that we didn’t get the first time around. We were trying to capture a more wide-eyed summery feel, something like ‘The Only Living Boy In New York’, ‘Everybody’s Talkin” or ‘3 Is A Magic Number’.


“When we went into the studio to re-record it everyone was bringing ideas in. We’re on a real creative high, there’s new songs coming all the time. With all the touring we’ve been doing we’ve really grown as a band, even in the short time since we made the last LP, and I think that will show at the festivals we’re doing this summer.

“We’ll be touring at home when all the festivals are over but I’d like to think we’ll already be recording the next LP by then. We’ll be writing through the summer so we’ll have loads of material to draw on. It’d be nice to include some of the new material in the autumn tour”.

The single will be released on two CD’s and limited-edition (3,000) seven-inch. Across all formats there are three new Embrace songs: ‘The First Cut’, ‘Top Of The Heap’ and ‘I Know What’s Going On’ as well as a version of the classic Bob Dorrough track ‘3 Is A Magic Number’, originally recorded for Radio 1‘s Simon Mayo show.

For more Embrace news, including details of a secret acoustic gig, see this week’s NME, out nationwide from today (July 5).

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