Danny spills the beans...

Embrace release their second album, ‘Drawn From Memory’, on March 27 through Hut.

The follow-up to the band’s 1998 debut, ‘The Good Will Out’, was made over 363 days at studios in Leeds, London and at Batsford Manor in Gloucestershire.

The full tracklisting is: ‘The Love It Takes’, ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Drawn From Memory’, ‘Bunker Song’, ‘New Adam New Eve’, ‘Hooligan’, ‘Yeah You’, ‘Liars Tears’, ‘I Wouldn’t Wanna Happen To You’ and ‘I Had A Time’. ‘Hooligan’ was released as a single last year. Frontman Danny McNamara told NME: ‘It’s a bit of a step on. I’m really proud of the first album but this one feels like a progression to me. ‘I think we owed it to ourselves and the people who liked the first album to take it to the next level.’

During the making of the album the band were listening to old funk records, Simon & Garfunkel, Bluenote jazz and Nick Cave. The album’s opening track, ‘The Love It Takes’, even takes on a Frank Zappa feel, according to McNamara.

He said: ‘That’s my favourite. I did it on an acoustic and I brought it to the band. It was one of the first things we did, we were doing a lot of improvising around that time and I’m always wary of musicians getting a bit self-indulgent, if you give ’em enough rope, that sort of thing. ‘They came up with this piece of music that kind of sounds like Frank Zappa. Originally I was wondering if it was in keeping with the song, but it just grew and I think the band have done the song proud with that one.’

The next single from the album will be ‘You’re Not Alone’, out on March 13, featuring previously unreleased tracks ‘Brothers And Sisters‘, ‘Happy And Lost’, ‘Come On And Smile’ and ‘A Tap On Your Shoulder’. It is likely the third single will be ‘Save Me’.

Embrace are also planning a spring UK tour and play at the sold-out NME Premier Show at London WC2 Astoria on Friday, January 28, with support from Ooberman and Doves.

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