Chaos caused by Embrace fans simultaneously logging onto the band's website in search of clues for a secret gig...

EMBRACE fans searching for information about the band’s next ‘secret show’ effectively blew up the official website www.embrace.co.uk , after reading a coded message that singer DANNY MCNAMARA had printed on his T-shirt.

Fans had been pre-warned last week that a sign was about to be given serving notice of Embrace’s fifth secret gig of the summer. The band have been playing guerrilla shows over the last couple of months at isolated locations like the Lake District in Cumbria. Fans can only find out the details of location at the very last minute by picking up a series of clues littered through their website.

Danny chose his appearance on BBC 2 pop-quiz show ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ last Friday (September 15) to let Embrace devotees know they could begin their hunt.

He appeared wearing a T-Shirt that said, simply, ‘SG#5 It’s on!’, and immediately fans flocked to the site. However, the sheer volume of simultaneous hits overloaded the site, crashing it and damaging the server.

A spokesperson for Embrace told nme.com this afternoon (September 20) that the site should be back online later today, when fans can again search for details of when the next secret show will happen.