‘Hope’: Emeli Sandé shares ‘You Are Not Alone’ video ad in support of Labour Party

The general election takes place on Thursday, December 12

Emeli Sandé has shared an emotive new music video as part of the campaign in support of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. See it first on NME below.

With the general election taking place on Thursday (December 12), Sandé has allowed her song ‘You Are Not Alone’ to soundtrack footage of Corbyn on the campaign trail with his followers. The video, entitled ‘Hope’, also calls for action to be taken for the victims of Grenfell Tower, more to be done to save the environment and features a rallying cry for the NHS.

This comes after Sandé was among the likes of Lily Allen, MIA, Ken Loach, Clean Bandit and #Grime4Corbyn to support Labour’s billion-pound ‘Arts For All Policy’ last month.


“We appreciate Emeli Sandé’s support, the power of her words and the importance of music and arts in the lives of our communities,” Corbyn told NME. “Supporting the music, arts and the development of our young people will be the priority of the government I lead.”

Speaking to NME after the launch, Corbyn said that another priority of his party was to end university tuition fees.

“John McDonnell [Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer] is looking at ways it can be dealt with. The issues is that a lot of the debt is never collected, and never likely to be collected. But some students have paid off their debt, so one doesn’t want to be unfair towards those that have already paid it off.

“The priority at the moment is to end university fees for the generation coming, and to bring back maintenance grants, because of the debt that so many young people are getting into through going to uni.”


Summing up Labour’s arts policy, Corbyn added: “It’s about musical opportunities. Young people who write fantastic music need a venue in which to perform. So many pubs now don’t do live music, they just play recorded music. I think we need to encourage pubs, clubs and cafes to have live music in them. The pub at the end of my road’s brought back live music, they have various folk singers in, all different types of music. It’s lovely.

“We’re looking forward to changing the whole scene so that it’s arts for all. That’s the principle.”