The band have yet to replace the tragic bassist - but they want to move on...

[/a] have announced plans to go back into the studio, despite the death of original bassist ZAC FOLEY in January this year.

The band have not replaced Zac and it is unclear whether a permanent replacement will eventually be appointed. Meanwhile, Zac’s “theme song”, ‘The Light That Burns Twice As Bright’, has been uploaded on their website a href=”http://www.emf-theband.com”>www.emf-theband.com .

Speaking on the site, vocalist James Atkin said: “We’ve decided to carry on although it will be quite a different band without Zac. This week we started demoing some new tunes with the guy who programmed the [a]album.”


[a][/a] also intend to tour the USA in the late summer, where their debut single ‘Unbelievable’ hit Number One in 1991. There are no plans for other tours as yet.

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