An inquest hears Zac Foley had traces of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, barbituates and alcohol in his blood...

EMF star ZAC FOLEY died from a cocktail of drink and drugs while celebrating New Year, an inquest heard today (May 20).

Pathologist Dr Diana Cox found high traces of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, barbituates and alcohol in the tragic musician’s blood.

A friend he was staying with after a New Year’s party found his body on her bedroom floor after breaking down the front door of her flat in Camden on January 2. The inquest heard that the police discovered a crack pipe, crack cocaine, tin foil with burn marks, an empty bottle of vodka and cans of lager in the room.


Recording a verdict of “misadventure”, St Pancras coroner Dr Stephen Chan said: “Bearing in mind the closeness of the New Year, it could well be the deceased was still in celebratory mood but clearly by going down the path of taking multiple drugs plus alcohol he was dicing with death.

“And sadly for him, his family and anybody that loved him, he lost and paid heavily with the loss of his life.

“I have in this court seen numourous cases of young people who really just gamble their life away with the use of alcohol and drugs. Often one feels totally defeated when one’s statements after each new tragedy appear to have fallen on deaf ears. Young people always think they are clever and that they are different.

“In Mr Foley’s case he had every reason to be optimistic about his future but what a tragedy this is, what a tragedy.”

The inquest heard that Foley was due to undergo rehabilitation at a residential clinic for his drink and drugs addiction, with which he had been battling since his teenage years.

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