Emily Eavis booked a band for Glastonbury 2020 “within 10 minutes” of being at the NME Awards (and spilled the beans on 2021 headliners)

Your Godlike Genius has spoken.

Emily Eavis booked a band for this year’s Glastonbury “within 10 minutes” of arriving at the NME Awards 2020 – where she also revealed that next year’s headliners have already been booked.

Eavis picked up the coveted Godlike Genius Award at The O2 Academy Brixton on Wednesday (February 12), where Glasto was also named Best Festival In The World.

Asked by NME if she was having any conversations about the line-up at the Awards, Eavis replied: “Yeah – and we just did a booking, probably within 10 minutes of being here. I can’t tell you anything, but the line-up is going to be with you soon.”


She continued: “We are all systems go at the moment. The next big announcement is going to be the first poster, which is going to have the full line-up on it – or most of it.”

Michael and Emily Eavis. Credit: Dean Chalkley

And what about headliners for next year?

“Yeah, we’ve got three,” she replied. “That’s very, very unusual. None of them have been signed up on the dotted line but we’ve got three pencilled in.”

Asked if the bands had headlined before, Eavis replied: “Maybe one? I’m not telling you any more!”


The festival organiser also opened up about being “really passionate” about having a 50/50 gender split across the line-up.

“It’s just something that I noticed, actually,” she told NME. “We recently put a book together. Just looking back through all the line-ups, you realise it’s been so male-dominated over the years. I think it’s time to address it. Unless you consciously do that and change the minds of the bookers, then it will just roll out in the same way that it has done for years.”

Eavis added: “I feel like people feel like they immediately need to go for 50/50, when in fact any little effort is good. The pressure is there and there’s no hiding from it. We can do better, everyone can do better, you’ve just got to take those steps. It’s really easy to keep churning out those male artists, because there’s just so many of them.”

Meanwhile, Emily Eavis also confirmed that fellow NME Awards winner Lana Del Rey would be appearing at Glastonbury 2020 on the Pyramid Stage. Glasto takes place at Worthy Farm from June 24-28 and will be headlined by Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, while Diana Ross will play in the legends’ slot. The full line-up is expected to be announced next month. Check out everything we know so far and all the rumours here.