Emily Eavis: “Glastonbury needs to create headliners – Stormzy is perfect for it”

After seeing Stormy on the Pyramid Stage in 2017, Eavis says she was convinced he should headline

In a new interview, Glastonbury’s Emily Eavis has said that Stormzy is a “perfect” headliner for the festival.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson for Beats 1, Eavis said she was convinced Stormzy should headline after seeing his performance on The Other Stage in 2017. Eavis also confirmed that she came up with the idea for Stormzy to headline.

Eavis said: “I came up with [the idea] because I watched him on The Other Stage in 2017 and I was just like, ‘he could headline’…sometimes, you just see that performance what makes you think ‘he is ready to go’, sometimes it happens [like that]. I just felt like this is the time for Stormzy to headline.”


Eavis went on to describe Stormzy’s set as “one of the greatest performances I have ever seen on The Other Stage” and described it as “massive”. You can listen to Eavis’ interview with Matt Wilkinson in full here.

She continued: “It took off and sometimes that happens and at that point you have to go…’he needs to go on the Pyramid Stage’, he can do this. I totally believe he can do it.

“I think we at Glastonbury need to create headliners and I think at this point, Stormzy is the perfect person to come and do that. We can’t always go over the same ground. It feels really exciting and like that’s what we should be doing.”

When asked about the animosity some felt towards Jay-Z headlining the festival in 2008, Eavis said it was important to move with the times. “It’s hard sometimes to accept that things change and move on and we’re not always going to have the same kind of headliners we’ve had in the 80’s for example.


“We’re moving with the times, we’re moving ahead and we’re in a different place now to where we were 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Jay-Z broke new territory. He was incredible.”

Jay-Z performs on the Pyramid Stage during day two of the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset.

When asked about Liam Gallagher confirming himself for Glastonbury after the Pilton Party earlier this year, Eavis said she wasn’t in a position to confirm just yet, but added she would “love to have Liam.”

Eavis said they’re currently “90% through [the] bookings for 2019” and also confirmed that there would be “one more announcement before Christmas” for the line-up.

Other rumoured acts for Glastonbury 2019 include Paul McCartney, The Cure, Lana Del Rey and Arctic Monkeys. Many fans have been speculating that Lauren Hill may appear after Eavis commented on her show this week, while Mel B has stated that Spice Girls are also “in talks” with the festival.

Eavis has also said that there could be another Glastonbury announcement ‘before Christmas’, as well as responding to Matty Healy’s claims that They 1975 could headline in 2020.