Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis addresses lack of female artists on festival bills

This year's UK festival circuit features two female headliners: PJ Harvey and P!nk, who top the bill at Green Man and V Festival respectively

Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis has spoken out about the lack of female headliners and acts at UK festivals, voicing her belief that, although “progress” is being made, there’s still an “imbalance” across line-ups generally.

There are only two major female headliners on this year’s festival circuit in the UK, with PJ Harvey topping the bill at Green Man festival and P!nk headlining V Festival.

Eavis has now spoken on the issue, and admitted that there’s an “imbalance” that needs addressing by the UK festival scene as a whole.


“We really want to address the imbalance in those areas,” she told BBC Newsbeat. “It’s a long-term project and we’re trying to get the message through to everyone who’s booking bands across the festival. For some stage bookers it’s harder because it’s not a conscious thing. If the stage happens to be all male, you could just say that’s the way it turned out. We say you have to really think about it and try and be conscious of the balance when you’re booking. We’re making progress.

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“We are on top of it. Sometimes it means people booking acts who are slightly more out of genre [than] they’re comfortable with.”

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The Glastonbury organiser also hinted that there’s one “really big” surprise at this year’s festival that has yet to be announced.


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