Emily Eavis says that Glastonbury’s Other Stage will feature “Pyramid level headliners” next year

She also revealed that two of the three Pyramid Stage headliners have now been booked

Emily Eavis has revealed that Glastonbury‘s Other Stage will next year feature “Pyramid level headliners.”

Talking to Jo Whiley at BBC Music Introducing Live at Tobacco Dock earlier today (October 31), Eavis discussed the festival’s upcoming 50th anniversary and said that almost all of next year’s headliners were in the bag.

“We’ve got two out of three of our Pyramid headliners,” she said, after which Whiley asked her who they were. Dodging the question with an awkward laugh, she went on to highlight the quality of talent set to appear on other stages.


“…and then we’ve got our Other Stage headliners, which are amazing,” she said. “I think particularly because it’s the 50th, we’ve got kind of Pyramid level headliners on the Other Stage next year.”

Asked about what she expects the reaction to be to next year’s headliners, Glastonbury’s co-organiser said she always anticipates outrage.

“I always anticipate outrage, because that’s kind of quite often what we get, but I think hopefully people will be really happy!” she explained. “I think it’s something to be very proud of, what we’ve got for next year. It’s looking so good. And we’ve also got you know, bands that are you know Glastonbury, well-loved, proper Glastonbury kind of – I want to say Glastonbury goers really, because they’re the kind of people that come to the festival as well as play there. So we’ve got lots of those as well. It’s a good mix.”

Emily Eavis
Emily Eavis talking to Jo Whiley earlier today. (Photo: James North)

Elsewhere during the chat, Eavis explained that while she’s spoilt for choice when it comes to booking acts each year it’s not always as easy as people think.

“It’s an amazing privilege to be able to book who we want to book, in many cases,” Eavis told Whiley. “It’s not quite as easy as everybody thinks in terms of people saying ‘Can’t you just get Led Zepplin?’ or ‘Why haven’t you asked Pink Floyd?’ You know, those kind of things which are just obviously never going to happen.”


She continued: “But you know the rest of the stuff is really great and for us, it’s amazing after kind of 50 years to be able to almost pick and kind of choose who you want and who – and in a way interestingly actually the two that we’ve booked have not done the festival before and I don’t know if now that creates…I hope now you don’t narrow it down and guess!”

Meanwhile, Emily Eavis has recalled how she faced death threats for booking Kanye West as a headliner in 2015.

Eavis speaks about securing the rap star for the Pyramid Stage in the upcoming Glastonbury 50 book, which celebrates the Worthy Farm event’s half-century milestone and contains contributions from the likes of Dolly Parton and Chris Martin.