Emily Mei drops debut single ‘My Domain’ featuring CLC’s Sorn and f(x)’s Amber

“It only made sense if it was with them,” Mei told NME

Actress and social media influencer Emily Mei has released her debut single ‘My Domain’, featuring CLC’s Sorn and f(x)’s Amber Liu.

The funky EDM-influenced dance-pop song dropped alongside a partially animated music video that draws inspiration from both K-pop and anime. In the clip, Mei teams up with Sorn and Liu to form a ragtag rebel squad fighting to prevent the destruction of Earth.

“I started writing this song as a way to convince myself to be more confident and as I kept writing, it became almost like a guide out of the darkness I was feeling before,” Mei told NME.


The video also features a thrilling animated fight sequence created by award-winning studio CHAVVO Animation. In addition, the music video for ‘My Domain’ is the first taste of a new story universe from Mei, according to a press release.

“I want this song to boost people’s confidence. I want you to feel like a badass when you listen to the lyrics. So, naturally, I had to get my two close friends who always bring me up when I’m feeling down to feature,” Mei added, noting that she had written Sorn and Amber’s parts specifically for them.

“Sorn said she could tell as soon as she heard the demo it was her part. Amber loved the lyrics and the drop,” she added. “If they couldn’t do it, I would have changed the lyrics since it only made sense if it was with them!”

Meanwhile, Sorn said that she “admire[s] Mei so much as an artist and I love her to death as a friend”, while touching on how it was like to play a character in the music video. “It was my first time acting as a character that I never thought I would ever experience and it was very fun to be able to explore that side of me,” she said.

“Working with Emily on the set of the music video was a lot of fun,” Liu said. “I remember hearing about the concept, and seeing it come to life from rehearsing for the fight scenes to the visual effects is so surreal. I was definitely sore the next day.”


‘My Domain’ is Mei’s first official music release. Prior to her debut in music, Mei had dabbled in acting and modelling. She also co-founded the jewellery company Kapsul, which has launched collections in collaborations with celebrities such as 2PM’s Nichkhun, boyband VICTON, singer Park Ji-hoon and more.

Meanwhile, Sorn had previously teased in August that she had new solo material arriving “really soon” alongside the re-launch of her YouTube channel Produsorn. On the other hand, Liu has released several singles this year, including ‘Bad Decisions’ and ‘Paradise’.

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